Children's Ministry

The Grove Kids are our future! We believe it is our job, the church, to provide a safe and consistent place that they can learn about Jesus, ask questions, and begin a heart transforming relationship with our Savior! We are here to come alongside you and provide support as you lead your kids at home on the journey God has given you as parents. Each Sunday, we have age appropriate based programming that includes worship time, large group teaching,  and small group time. This format allows leaders to share the Gospel message in fun & creative ways for the kids. 


Student Ministry

Grove Students include our 6th-12th graders. Youth Group is THE place to be on a Sunday morning or Tuesday evening!


Community Groups

In support of one of our four main values -- to live "deep in community" -- we effort to create environments where those in our faith family can grow, encourage, challenge, serve, support, correct, sacrifice, praise and pray alongside one another. Community groups are the primary way for adults in our church to do all of the above and more!



Worship Ministry

Our identity as a community of believers is deeply embedded in the worship experience we get to share together on Sunday mornings. The Worship Team is comprised of both musicians and folks who are gifted in  arts/tech, and our Sunday mornings would not be the same without them. This team is always having fun together as they fill our sanctuary with a joyful noise, and more members are always welcome!