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What to Expect

Here at The Grove Church, our mission is to help people to find and follow Jesus. When you join us on Sunday mornings, you can expect to be greeted warmly and welcomed in for a cup of coffee and conversation.

Worship is contemporary and upbeat, often led by a mix of our talented vocalists and musicians on guitars, keyboard/piano, and drums. We embrace a casual atmosphere and invite you to come just as you fancy attire required, unless that's how you're most comfortable!

The Gospel is always at the heart of our pastors' teaching. Sermons may make you chuckle, shed a tear, think more deeply or even shift your perspective...but you can always be certain that the message is gospel-centered and points to the incredible story of God's love for us revealed through His Word and His Spirit.

The most important thing when we gather is to come with hearts open to receive whatever it is that God wants to teach us that day, and be ready to carry it back out to our community when we depart. So we keep the larger narrative of God's Story in mind each Sunday, knowing that we never outgrow our need to understand and be changed by the good news of Jesus.

Our Gatherings:

When & Where

Location: The Grove Church

6600 Fairview Avenue, Downers Grove, Illinois - 60516

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Meeting Times: Sunday Mornings @ 10:00am

Contact Us: // (630) 541-9184